SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – Want to offer health benefits but don’t think you can’t afford to do so?

by Jun, 2020

You’re not alone – less than 50% employers offer health benefits*. Group health plans are expensive and complicated. The type of group health plan that might even be close to your or your employees’ budget are these plans called “high deductible” plans. Because it’s “high deductible”, you often can’t afford to actually use it.

 ModRN Health provides unlimited access to a registered nurse (RN) and doctor for employees.

We assign a registered nurse – the same nurse throughout the service – to the employee and build a trusted relationship with the employee. ModRN Heath’s RN meet employees face to face to get to know them and their health concerns and goals. Employees can contact the nurse anytime via text/phone/video….and it’s the same nurse.

 The RN not only triages employee health issues but proactively reaches out to employees to routinely check in, follow up regarding the overall health of the employees. ModRN Health has access to doctors, discount pharmacy and many other resources to provide for employees’ daily care. Beyond daily health issues, ModRN Health’s nurse provides education and assistance in shopping for health care services to find best price options with high outcomes when the need arises to address more complex health issues.

For less than $40 per month per employee, employers can offer a high touch, personalized health care benefit to their employees that is affordable and will make a profound difference in the employee’s health.