Better care for your people



High-tech, high-touch gives you more from your plan.

ModRN Health's software solution works alongside your health plans and programs. Our platform and mobile app combine technology with personalized, nurse-led healthcare management to lower your costs and make it easier for your people to meet their health goals.

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A single personal health record is captured on a mobile application that includes note-taking and information-sharing features with 24/7 access.

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Dedicated advocates interpret and track health information, taking the stress off your people as they strive for wellness and address health issues.

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Our solution places your people at the center of a well-informed, multi-provider care plan, keeping everything organized and streamlined.


Functionality, expertise, and compassion are delivered at levels that go exponentially beyond a one-dimensional "nurse helpline." 

Our solution complements your strategies.

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A perk for your employees

  • Improve ROI on your health plan.
  • Boost your human capital strategy.
  • Enhance your benefits package without disrupting what's working well.

Connecting communities of care

Discover the ways ModRN Health brings together multiple dimensions of health care and support in the workplace.

We also offer the ModRN Health solution for senior living centers and health providers.

Offer the right care at the right time.

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Keep your people engaged with their care and get you what you need, too.

  • Enhance--don't disrupt--what you're already doing with your employee benefits.
  • Put nurses and technology to work for you and your team.
  • Save money and improve health outcomes through data, analytics, and insights.
  • Engage with your people at a personal level by meeting them where they are with the health care they need.

Stay current. Get inspired.

Leadership Team

Founded in 2015, ModRN Health is led by CaRessa Hutchinson, RN, Jim cook and Scott Roethle, M.D. FASA.

Through a unique combination of skills, experience, energy, and commitment, CaRessa, Jim and Scott lead a team of nurses, healthcare technology specialists, and software developers to deliver the powerful ModRN Health platform and mobile app to employers, senior living centers, health providers, and, ultimately and most importantly, to help people and their families get healthy and stay healthy.