ModRN Health Introduces: MoDRN Virtual Primary Care

by Oct, 2020

What is Virtual Primary Care (VPC)? How does it differ from telemedicine providers? 

Telemedicine and VPC are similar in the way services are delivered – phone, app, video conference. However, VPC offers a much broader range of services than telemedicine.  

Using telemedicine, the patient gets a different provider each time they call and get to “start all over again”. Telemedicine providers simply treat the patient’s medical issue. Telemedicine providers don’t help the patient compare treatment options, don’t help navigate the healthcare system to find the highest-value care, don’t help compare options within a patient’s health plan, don’t find highly recommended specialists or assist with prescription shopping. 

Using ModRN Health’s registered nurses – the nurse that knows you – paired with our doctors, the ModRN Health member has a very powerful care team. This consistent nurse and doctor team assigned to each member has access to the member’s medical history, understands their unique situations and health concerns, advocates for the member’s health and healthcare.

telemed vs vpc.PNG

ModRN Health’s virtual primary care (MoDRN Health) comprehensive, cost-effective and highly personalized service brings healthcare to the member and the community. Ease of access and familiarity with your care team provides continuity of care leading to better health.