Scott T. Roethle, M.D. FASA

Scott is a co-founder and serves as President of ModRN Health.

Scott is a physician anesthesiologist also practicing in lifestyle medicine and medical wellness. He serves as an advisor to the founders of several health technology companies, working to make innovation in healthcare relevant to patients and providers to optimize outcomes and minimize cost.

At ModRN Health, Scott advises on the "high-tech, high-touch" integrated care coordination solution and personal health record. Scott's roles extend beyond medical oversight and include especially strategic business development, sales and marketing, finance, technology, growth, and fundraising. 

A message from Scott

I aspire to disrupt and innovate the healthcare industry, providing ways to maintain health and advance wellness at both individual and population levels, and to help the healthcare industry shift away from the current sick-care model. We changed the way people approach their health and healthcare. 
I see the perils of our industry's sick-care model on a daily basis. And I know there is a better way to care for people and optimize their health by focusing on the right things, not just prescribing more medications or performing procedures. We engage patients along their healthcare journey so they live a healthy life, preventing diseases and improving underlying chronic conditions. 
We take better care of people.