Enhance--don't disrupt--what you're already doing.


ModRN Health customers are employers, senior living centers, and health providers who want to offer their employees, residents, and patients a better healthcare experience.

  • Our customers deploy the ModRN Health platform as an enhancement to their current plans and programs.

  • A better healthcare experience for employees, residents, and patients helps our customers better manage their existing healthcare plans and programs.

Put nurses and technology to work for you.


ModRN Health delivers more than other healthcare coordination systems through its combination of nursing know-how and digital tools.

comprehensive care coordination

Our solution provides an extra layer of support for all parts of the healthcare industry, assuring that providers, institutions, family members, and patients have the interconnected information and resources necessary to optimize care.

deep patient advocacy

Each person on the ModRN Health platform is paired with a personal nurse-led care team that is dedicated to promoting patients' rights and assuring access to all available resources, support, and education as a person navigates the healthcare system.

Save money and improve health outcomes.


ModRN Health's highly personal, nursing-based focus means that our technology is able to capture richer data and in turn deliver better information to our customers.

data-driven population health analysis CAPABILITIES

Our highly-interoperable care management platform is built to identify at-risk populations, capture all known patient data from any possible source, coordinate care, and engage people directly in their own care. This empowers our customers with an expanded data set--beyond payer data--to more deeply understand trends that are influencing healthcare delivery and costs.

Engage with your people at a personal level.


Each person on the ModRN Health platform:

  • Sets up a personal profile, easily adding health records from multiple sources.

  • Adds family member information to the platform, with no charge for the additional user log ins.

  • Is quickly connected with a nurse-led team that provides clinical, personalized care coordination and support to guide the person and family at key points throughout their unique health care journeys.

roadmap DESIGNED to achieve long-term goals

ModRN Health's technology supports long-term aggregation of patient data across multiple health information sources; enables the analysis of that data into a single, actionable patient record; and delivers insights to help our customers improve both clinical and financial outcomes.