Core Values Driving ModRN Health

As our team approaches the launch of ModRN Health’s nurse-led care coordination platform, I am humbled and grateful as I reflect on the mission that brought us here.

We are here because no one should have to travel the journey to better health alone, especially as health care becomes increasingly expensive, complex, and often detached from the patient as a human being.

For years as a registered nurse, I witnessed the pain and frustration of patients and their families as they struggled to make sense of prescriptions, doctors’ visits, chronic conditions, an unexpected diagnosis, and treatment plans, all compounded by rising costs and confusion about how and where to access care.

As a nurse, I knew I held an important position as the “connector of the dots” and an advocate for care. Questions about medication, treatment plans, details of a diagnosis, and lifestyle adjustments are constantly swirling for a patient as the journey to health ebbs and flows.

I wanted to do everything I could to help my patients. Like the healthcare journey, nursing is not linear. Nursing is ongoing and personal. Nursing is about responding to care coordination needs, whatever they may be at any given time.

I knew I had to do something about it. I wanted to build a solution. I was certain that technology would play a key role to help facilitate coordination at a patient’s fingertips and still maintain the personal touch that makes nursing so valuable. Nurse-led care coordination backed by technology has always been the foundation of ModRN Health.

Today, as the latest platform release is upon us, ModRN Health is already well on its way to caring for so many members. We have learned so much and benefited from the wisdom of family and friends, insurance brokers who want to offer better benefits to their clients, small employers who want better care for their people, medical professionals who want to improve patient access, a supportive startup community, technology experts, and most of all, patients.

Here is what you can expect from ModRN Health. Our commitment to the patient will never waiver. The patient is where we began and the patient is the reason we are here. All of our core values are wrapped around a commitment to patient care:

● Empathy and compassion. We meet patients where they are. We find out where that is and we go there, without hesitation.

● We think bigger than ourselves. Better healthcare is a critical issue facing all people and all patients.

● Servant leadership. We are here to serve the patient and that is where our leadership will always begin.

● Honesty and integrity. We do the right thing for our members and for all of our partners who support the care of our member patients.

● Solutions-based thinking. We are here to do whatever we can to make the healthcare system better. We don’t waste time sitting around complaining about it.

● Mission focused. We constantly ask ourselves: “If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

Are you a small employer who wants to offer better care for your people? Are you a broker seeking better solutions for the companies and families you serve? Are you and your family seeking the type of holistic care coordination that only a nurse can provide?

ModRN Health invites you to join us on our journey where every patient is a person and every person is a patient.

Why You Need A Healthcare Benefit For Every Employee

Healthcare doesn’t always mean Costly Insurance!

In today’s day and age, attracting talented full and part-time work to your business can be difficult, especially if you’re unable to provide your employees with worthy incentives that they know they can count on. These incentives can range anywhere from guaranteed pay raises, guaranteed hours/available work, and other workplace perks that may be of benefit to them. However, the one incentive that most of your employees will be interested in is always going to be healthcare.

When it comes to running a business, healthcare and payroll are likely going to remain your largest expenses. No matter how much you want to give your employees the best perks available- you simply may not be able to afford expensive healthcare insurance. With ModRN Health, you no longer have to feel powerless.

ModRN Health

ModRN Health, is a nurse-led, software-based healthcare solution specifically designed to provide reduced healthcare costs and greater accessibility for patients without the hard-hitting premiums of a traditional healthcare insurance plan. Essentially, ModRN Health enhances whatever plan you decide to put into place for all your employees,including your part-time employees. This is accomplished by helping secure lower costs, providing greater accessibility, and delivering a more personalized healthcare experience. ModRN Health partners with businesses and other healthcare solutions to offer a cutting-edge technological solution that gives patients more accessibility to tools that they can use to gain the services and treatments they need without having to go through an HMO they may or may not have.

A Modern, High-Touch Solution That Enhances Your Plan

ModRN Health works alongside your health plans and employee programs. Our platform and mobile application work to combine technology with more personalized, nurse-led healthcare coordination to help give your employees a more accessible healthcare experience, both financially and personally.

A New Perk And Incentive For Every Employee

By pairing with ModRN Health, you can work to improve your ROI on your chosen healthcare plan. In addition, you’ll instantly boost your human capital strategy, because your employees now have a tangible perk that they can count on. Remember, attracting skilled talent is difficult to begin with, and it’s even more difficult to retain that talent. Why not set yourself and your employees up for success by offering them a more comprehensive healthcare plan that other companies don’t?

Instantly enhance your benefits package without disrupting your current workflow and insurance procedures. By bringing technology into play, your employees can rest assured knowing that you’ve adopted innovation and technological advances into your everyday workflow and are always looking for ways to enhance their workplace experiences. They are happier, more engaged, and soon to be more proactively engaged in their own healthcare!

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can work with ModRN Health to enhance the healthcare experience of all your employees, contact us! Trust us, you’ll see just how far your investment can go when you invest in the right type of service!

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