These three healthcare trends might surprise you

At ModRN Health, we are carefully watching the trends in health care. We know you are, too! Whether you’re a healthcare consumer, business owner, caregiver, or all of the above, today’s healthcare environment is impacting your life. Managing expenses and getting better outcomes are top of mind.

If you feel like the changes in the healthcare marketplace are accelerating, you are right. But you might be surprised at just how much things are changing. Here are three trends that paint the picture.

1. Social media has changed the landscape in every area of our lives, including healthcare.

According to PwC’s Research Institute, 32% of people who use social media are posting about their own health experiences as well as those of their family and friends. People are consuming more and more health-related information online. Sometimes more information is a good thing, but that’s not always the case, especially with health topics. In addition to technology, people need the “human touch” of a qualified medical professional to sort through their own health information as well as make sense of what they’re reading online.

2. Prescription antibiotics are frequently over-prescribed because people don’t have access to the help and information they need.

The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that at least 30% of prescriptions for antibiotics are unnecessary. Busy patients and health providers frequently don’t have the time to fully discuss symptoms and options for common ailments such as colds and sore throat viruses for which antibiotics are unnecessary and unhelpful. The CDC reports that these 47 million excess prescriptions each year put patients at risk for allergic reactions and other side effects, not to mention the extra costs for everyone involved. With better care coordination and streamlined patient advocacy, many of these prescriptions could be avoided.

3. It’s really hard to remember everything the doctor says.

Many patients feel like they are alone in their struggle to recall the details of appointments with healthcare providers. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Most people can’t remember key details after a visit to a provider, including how to take medication as prescribed and when to schedule follow up visits. According to a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, patients tend to immediately forget 40 - 80% of the information relayed during a visit. And, more than half of the information that is remembered is likely incorrect. Technology-backed care coordination and patient advocacy can help reinforce important information, which in turn keeps people healthier and makes healthcare less expensive.

If any or all of these trends sound familiar, keep in touch with ModRN Health! Our nurse-led healthcare coordination software solution helps employers, senior living centers, and providers deliver better care to your people and save you money.