"We felt lost, and we knew we were spinning our wheels."

Our team recently talked with a colleague whose child has a condition called Williams Syndrome, which is the result of a micro-deletion of 26 genes on one chromosome.

"I needed ModRN Health!" she wrote when she learned about our platform. "When they told us about Williams Syndrome and that our 9-month-old had it, part of me was relieved to know why our baby was different. The other part of me felt like I was suddenly trudging through a field of nothing but question marks and thorny bushes." 

Our colleague said that she and her family were fortunate to have an employer-sponsored health plan that covered most of their child's medical expenses. "Thankfully insurance paid for almost everything," she said. "So we had all of the pieces of the puzzle covered. The problem was that we didn't know where the pieces fit, or when and how to use each one."

ModRN Health certainly could have helped our colleague and others like her. That's why we built it.

Employers who offer the ModRN Health platform and app to employees as an additional benefit are essentially giving their employees access to experts who know every piece of the puzzle like the backs of their hands--and when and where to plug them in to complete the picture. 

"Eventually, by researching and asking a lot of questions of all of our terrific providers, we finally learned that although our child's missing pieces of genetic code represented only a tiny fraction of the nearly 19,000 genes that make up the human genome, the genes’ absence in people with Williams Syndrome causes cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning disabilities. We have had to navigate through all of these experiences and symptoms. Years later, I now look back and really wish ModRN Health had been invented when we began our journey."

ModRN Health would have helped our colleague and her family answer the questions faster, get the right appointments with the right professionals in the right order, and create a workable plan to manage the child's condition. 

This is just one of many examples we hear in our work every day when someone tells us "I needed ModRN Health!" Here are just a few examples of what people tell us when we know ModRN Health can be a game changer:

  • "I need to pay more attention to disease prevention."
  • "I really want to be held accountable for lifestyle changes."
  • "I am not doing a good job of managing my chronic disease. I worry I'm getting sicker."
  • "This new diagnosis has really thrown me for a loop."
  • "My medications are impossible to keep organized, let alone make sure I am taking them on time."
  • "I feel so out of touch between doctors' visits, and I start to get really worried and anxious, which I know is not good for my health. It is a vicious circle."

And here's the kicker on that last one: Studies show that getting help between visits leads to fewer visits, saving $3,125 per patient per year! 

You and your employees need ModRN Health!