Passion for patients led us here

What drives our mission? Why do we do what we do at ModRN Health?

My name is CaRessa Hutchinson. I'm CEO and founder of ModRN Health. I call myself an "accidental RN-preneur" who is disrupting health care. Here's the story behind my passion.

As a pediatric acute care RN, I saw families making major, life-altering decisions without the proper education and support to understand the weight of their decisions.

Overworked nurses could no longer focus on patient advocacy, and over-loaded physicians were being forced to make decisions based on assumptions, inaccurate information, insurance, and bureaucracy; not based on people, as they had once dreamed of doing when they committed their lives to becoming healers.

It started to feel like I was watching one very large and very dangerous game of telephone, but with real lives depending on the results.

It was taking a heavy toll on my soul to continue to feel so helpless and, honestly, often like I was on the wrong side. Frustrated and seeing no change in sight, I decided that I had to be that change or it may never happen.

I saw the problem and also saw what I believed to be a "common sense" solution, so I created ModRN Health to find a way to implement that solution.

Unfortunately, I found that the everyday patient, to whom I was so empathetic, could not afford a private nurse advocate. So I researched and researched (and researched some more), population health, healthcare technology, the healthcare industry, the insurance industry, and the corporate healthcare industry.

I met with several of industry leaders in my community and nationwide. What I found first of all was that I was not the only one who felt completely helpless. Secondly, I found that the crisis I had witnessed from the hospital bedside--the crisis that had originally ignited my passion and drive to help these patients--actually went much deeper than I thought.

After gathering a thorough picture of how big the problem actually was and how many people and industries it was negatively affecting, I realized that my idea and my concept for a solution still held the answer.

My solution would simply need to be applied at the root of the problem, which was the whole system, not at "the tip of the iceberg" with direct patient care where I had originally thought the crisis was isolated.

In some ways, this discovery made the opportunity even better, because I would be able to help at a much larger scale in my community, my country and maybe even the world!

So, I pivoted and shifted my focus. I experienced a rough but rewarding year full of customer discovery, self discovery, product development, and business development that has transpired into creating an answer that will ultimately lead to a win-win solution for all industries and all people.

We don't have to feel powerless anymore. There is a better way, and we have found it.