Employee health benefits: It's time for a new approach

A big reason we're so excited about ModRN Health is because it offers a one-of-a-kind program for companies to give employees the tools they need to get and stay healthy, beyond the transactional functions of the employers' health insurance plan.

Employees need support, not only to become the healthiest possible versions of themselves, but also to become smart consumers of health care. ModRN Health offers employees a true healthcare partner who meets them where they are and stays with them throughout their life-long health journeys.

ModRN Health never bills insurance. Instead, employers who offer each of their employees a "membership" to ModRN Health are providing a valuable workplace perk that delivers benefits to the employees, as well as returning a benefit back to the employer.

What's going on? Why is ModRN Health such a compelling new tool and workplace perk? What's happening is that everything is changing in health care. Here are a few examples of the changes going on all around us:

  • The healthcare system is increasingly complex and fragmented.
  • The current healthcare system does not do very well in actual prevention or chronic disease improvement.
  • The current healthcare model is one of procedures, surgeries, and medications to treat symptoms, but rarely does it address underlying health problems or diseases.
  • New diagnoses usually result in the patient leaving with a prescription or being scheduled for a procedure.

Does this sound all too familiar?

We want to fix that. ModRN Health is changing the model to get back to the original intent of health care. ModRN Health offers innovative, personalized care coordination and advocacy solutions that better engage and guide people through their healthcare journeys. Our nurse-led care coordination staff, along with advanced member relations and our personal health technology platform and mobile app, support each individual to take an active role in prevention and improvement of acute or chronic, minor or severe, medical problems.

What's really exciting is that ModRN Health uses leading-edge technology to bring the high touch of nursing care to the fingertips of people wherever they are. ModRN Health offers education, options, navigation, and advocacy tools to people when they want to stay healthy, or when they are experiencing an illness and want to get healthy. Our solution helps people and their families improve health and outcomes, and it also decreases utilization and spending on medical services. That's good for everyone, including the employers--ModRN Health's customers--who subscribe to ModRN Health to offer the platform and app as a benefit to employees.  

ModRN Health's personalized tools will help people avoid sickness, decrease the negative aspects of chronic disease, improve well-being, and optimize the ability capacity to positively impact overall health. All of this happens while also improving the employer's bottom line.

It's time for a change!