Core Values Driving ModRN Health

As our team approaches the launch of ModRN Health’s nurse-led care coordination platform, I am humbled and grateful as I reflect on the mission that brought us here.

We are here because no one should have to travel the journey to better health alone, especially as health care becomes increasingly expensive, complex, and often detached from the patient as a human being.

For years as a registered nurse, I witnessed the pain and frustration of patients and their families as they struggled to make sense of prescriptions, doctors’ visits, chronic conditions, an unexpected diagnosis, and treatment plans, all compounded by rising costs and confusion about how and where to access care.

As a nurse, I knew I held an important position as the “connector of the dots” and an advocate for care. Questions about medication, treatment plans, details of a diagnosis, and lifestyle adjustments are constantly swirling for a patient as the journey to health ebbs and flows.

I wanted to do everything I could to help my patients. Like the healthcare journey, nursing is not linear. Nursing is ongoing and personal. Nursing is about responding to care coordination needs, whatever they may be at any given time.

I knew I had to do something about it. I wanted to build a solution. I was certain that technology would play a key role to help facilitate coordination at a patient’s fingertips and still maintain the personal touch that makes nursing so valuable. Nurse-led care coordination backed by technology has always been the foundation of ModRN Health.

Today, as the latest platform release is upon us, ModRN Health is already well on its way to caring for so many members. We have learned so much and benefited from the wisdom of family and friends, insurance brokers who want to offer better benefits to their clients, small employers who want better care for their people, medical professionals who want to improve patient access, a supportive startup community, technology experts, and most of all, patients.

Here is what you can expect from ModRN Health. Our commitment to the patient will never waiver. The patient is where we began and the patient is the reason we are here. All of our core values are wrapped around a commitment to patient care:

● Empathy and compassion. We meet patients where they are. We find out where that is and we go there, without hesitation.

● We think bigger than ourselves. Better healthcare is a critical issue facing all people and all patients.

● Servant leadership. We are here to serve the patient and that is where our leadership will always begin.

● Honesty and integrity. We do the right thing for our members and for all of our partners who support the care of our member patients.

● Solutions-based thinking. We are here to do whatever we can to make the healthcare system better. We don’t waste time sitting around complaining about it.

● Mission focused. We constantly ask ourselves: “If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

Are you a small employer who wants to offer better care for your people? Are you a broker seeking better solutions for the companies and families you serve? Are you and your family seeking the type of holistic care coordination that only a nurse can provide?

ModRN Health invites you to join us on our journey where every patient is a person and every person is a patient.

ModRN Health aims to break down primary care with $35-a-month membership model

ModRN Health is injecting life into a decaying healthcare system through holistic approaches, said CaRessa Hutchinson.

“[Patients practically need] a medical degree to be able to navigate the healthcare system. It’s ridiculous,” said Hutchinson, co-founder of the Overland Park-based healthcare platform dedicated to ‘filling in the gaps” for patients. “People are just so overwhelmed and beat down by the system. I think people are just lost and really need our help.”

The web-based platform allows patients to have access to a team of dedicated, specialized nurses and resource partners all powered by compassion, she said, noting the help of a data-driven software service that allows for coordinated care across multiple providers and tracking of a patient’s condition.

“Once you build a relationship with a patient, you can really break down those barriers and people can really share those roadblocks with you so you can actually help them with real problems,” she added.

Throughout a seven-year career as a registered pediatric nurse Hutchinson experienced firsthand the struggles patients have to go through entirely unaided by inadequate care, she added, noting the intense journey led to various stages of burnout.

“I started handing out my number to a lot of people, basically helping them on the side for free. I was doing care coordination and connecting them to resources,” Hutchinson said. “I had about 40 people I was helping for free because none of them could have afforded hundreds of dollars for my service, but that’s really how the business model needed look to support that. I was trying to find a way to scale it so I could get it to the people I was really trying to help.”

A startup built for startups

A happy medium arose with a membership model reflecting a $35 a month payment while a chance meeting with a local business owner revealed startups might be let down by the current system as well.

“This guy started a company from the ground up, he built into a successful company, he cares about his employees — then to tell him that the only insurance options [he can give his employees] are going to increase their premiums, but not what they do? It’s bullcrap,” said Hutchinson. “That conversation really opened my eyes to how frustrated [entrepreneurs] were feeling too.”

“I just a had a light bulb moment — his employees are my patients when they’re not with him,” she continued. “There are employers out there that care about the well-being of their people and maybe if we worked together, we could flip the system a little bit.”

ModRN Health is currently partnered with 10 startups and resource organizations to date — the most recent partnership being KC-based SaRA Health — to better service employees and patients across the metro with a bank of referrals from dentists to nutritionists, she added.

“There are other options out there like there might be some holistic options or better things that would be better for you and your family, but you just don’t know,” Hutchinson said.

“This nurse is really your partner,” she continued. “She can be a part of everything from [illness] prevention to your lifestyle, to your emotional capabilities. We just to be the resource hub where you can find access to whatever you need to make the best decision and not just feel so overwhelmed like most people do.”

After only two weeks in operation, the platform already holds two full-time nurses, each able to take on about 500 patients with a pool of 200 potential hires to pull from in next couple of months as changes are made to the backend of the platform, she added.

“We literally just started selling,” Hutchinson laughed. “Now that we’re actually trying now, we have well over $4 million in annual recurring revenue in our pipeline. It seems that people are going to be moving through the pipeline fairly quickly.”

With burnout in nursing so common, finding licensed healthcare professionals ready for a change in leadership took just a few announcements in the right places, said Hutchinson.

“When I reach out and tell them, ‘Hey, you could actually be an advocate, actually care about your patient, actually have that relationship with them again, and be what you thought you were going to get to be when you went to nursing school…’ It’s crazy how excited they are,” she said.

“They loved nursing. It was just too high of a cost for them personally.”

All in on Kansas City

Moving to Kansas City from her hometown in Wichita took a sign in the form a well-chosen Airbnb, said Hutchinson.

“It was hard to be taken seriously in that first year,” she said. “I had to fight through all of that and I told my husband, ‘If we’re going to do it, we’re going to have to jump all in and I don’t think we’re going to be able to do it here.’ So, I grabbed an Airbnb [in Kansas City] for three days and I made sure the [owner] was an entrepreneur.”

“I pitched to him the whole three days,” she laughed.

The owner ended up giving the couple an apartment on the Country Club Plaza for low rent for the first six months, Hutchinson said.

“I called home and said, ‘I think we have a sign,’” she said. “My husband found a job [in Kansas City] pretty quickly after that within days. We moved our kids from the house they’ve been in their whole life pretty much.”

Though the initial move took some adjustment, the three teenagers quickly became helpful assistants in visiting long-time patients of Hutchinson and understood the need for the change, she added.

“They would hear how upset I would be when coming from the hospital — like I was on the wrong side almost — so I think teaching them is one thing, but showing them is saying that this is how we stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves,” Hutchinson said. “It’s one thing to say you’ll sacrifice [things] to help other people, but we’re really going to do it.”

The entrepreneurial mindset seems to have been inherited, she added, with pride.

“I don’t think they necessarily want to be in healthcare, but when they talk about the future — they want to change it,” Hutchinson said.

Why You Need A Healthcare Benefit For Every Employee

Healthcare doesn’t always mean Costly Insurance!

In today’s day and age, attracting talented full and part-time work to your business can be difficult, especially if you’re unable to provide your employees with worthy incentives that they know they can count on. These incentives can range anywhere from guaranteed pay raises, guaranteed hours/available work, and other workplace perks that may be of benefit to them. However, the one incentive that most of your employees will be interested in is always going to be healthcare.

When it comes to running a business, healthcare and payroll are likely going to remain your largest expenses. No matter how much you want to give your employees the best perks available- you simply may not be able to afford expensive healthcare insurance. With ModRN Health, you no longer have to feel powerless.

ModRN Health

ModRN Health, is a nurse-led, software-based healthcare solution specifically designed to provide reduced healthcare costs and greater accessibility for patients without the hard-hitting premiums of a traditional healthcare insurance plan. Essentially, ModRN Health enhances whatever plan you decide to put into place for all your employees,including your part-time employees. This is accomplished by helping secure lower costs, providing greater accessibility, and delivering a more personalized healthcare experience. ModRN Health partners with businesses and other healthcare solutions to offer a cutting-edge technological solution that gives patients more accessibility to tools that they can use to gain the services and treatments they need without having to go through an HMO they may or may not have.

A Modern, High-Touch Solution That Enhances Your Plan

ModRN Health works alongside your health plans and employee programs. Our platform and mobile application work to combine technology with more personalized, nurse-led healthcare coordination to help give your employees a more accessible healthcare experience, both financially and personally.

A New Perk And Incentive For Every Employee

By pairing with ModRN Health, you can work to improve your ROI on your chosen healthcare plan. In addition, you’ll instantly boost your human capital strategy, because your employees now have a tangible perk that they can count on. Remember, attracting skilled talent is difficult to begin with, and it’s even more difficult to retain that talent. Why not set yourself and your employees up for success by offering them a more comprehensive healthcare plan that other companies don’t?

Instantly enhance your benefits package without disrupting your current workflow and insurance procedures. By bringing technology into play, your employees can rest assured knowing that you’ve adopted innovation and technological advances into your everyday workflow and are always looking for ways to enhance their workplace experiences. They are happier, more engaged, and soon to be more proactively engaged in their own healthcare!

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can work with ModRN Health to enhance the healthcare experience of all your employees, contact us! Trust us, you’ll see just how far your investment can go when you invest in the right type of service!

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Harnessing the lifesaving potential of interactive mobile

Through ModRN Health, we’re realizing our vision that no one should be alone on their healthcare journey. The ModRN Health solution includes a mobile app, where a personal health record is combined with note-taking and information-sharing functionalities These tools give each member a 24/7 connection to personalized assistance from nurse-led coordination, plus access to the documentation to support the care.

Why does this matter?

The ability to share signatures and documents remotely can make a profound difference in a patient’s and family’s experience with quality of care. Sadly, I saw this play out in a situation where the consequences were devastating.

As a nurse, I was caring for two brothers, ages 13 and 15, who were born with a severe form of an autoimmune disease called epidermolysis bullosa, a heritable connective tissue disorder. Because the disorder is caused by protein defects in the skin, the most

striking symptom of epidermolysis bullosa is blistering, brought on by the separation of skin layers after only minor trauma. People with a mild form of the disease may have just a few blisters on their skin, whereas others may have many blisters. In some forms of the disease, blisters also form in the mouth, stomach, esophagus, bladder, and other parts of the body. Epidermolysis bullosa can be both disabling and disfiguring, and in severe cases may lead to early death.

The brothers under my care both had severe cases of epidermolysis bullosa. Both were nearing the end of life. They were no longer mobile due to extensive blistering, and they were severely disfigured. Understandably, the boys were uncomfortable leaving home. The boys’ parents had devoted their lives to caring for their sons, and this involved bandaging and re-bandaging the boys’ entire bodies several times each day. I was blown away by the parents’ dedication. Caring for their sons was an enormous undertaking. The boys had spent most of their lives at home, rarely seeing people outside the family.

One evening, I was getting the report from the day shift nurse as I began my night shift. The day nurse relayed that a children’s hospital was on its way to pick up the boys and fly them to the children’s hospital for specialized care, given their precarious and deteriorating conditions. The parents were not allowed to join the boys on the plane, and the children’s hospital was a three-hour drive away. The boys’ parents had to leave their sons before the flight departed so they could be at the children’s hospital when the flight landed and the boys were admitted. The boys said goodbye to their parents, and I began getting them ready for the flight. I reassured the parents that I’d keep in touch to let them know when the boys’ flight was scheduled to depart so they could time their road trip departure accordingly.

Two hours later, I got a message that there had been a problem with the plane and it would be a few more hours before the boys could be transported. This was so hard for the kids! They were already anxious about being under the care of someone other than their parents, especially since their skin was so traumatized and painful to the touch. And, they’d never been on a plane. The brothers were brave but understandably fearful.

Many hours later, at 3 AM (!), the flight team finally arrived. And, although they had received all of the paperwork at the beginning of my shift, they informed me that they could not uphold the boys’ current “Do Not Resuscitate” document. Instead, they now required that the parents sign a new form. Unfortunately, the parents had left hours ago to get ready to make the drive meet the kids at the hospital, and were waiting to hear from me about the status. Of course there was no way I was putting the kids on an airplane without a DNR! The slightest touch was excruciatingly painful and their skin literally slid off with a simple rub. Not to mention they were nearing the end of life. I couldn't imagine the pain they would suffer if CPR were performed on them. So, I asked the flight team to wait while the parents drove all the way back to the hospital to sign the new DNR. Finally, by 5:30 AM, the boys were ready to go. The parents left to start the three-hour drive, and we got the boys on the plane. I completed my night shift and went home.

When I came back that evening for my next shift, I learned that the older of the two boys had passed away during the flight, without his parents by his side, and, sadly, right in front of his younger brother. The delay in processing paperwork had caused the family to miss the last window of opportunity to be together before one of the brothers died. The ModRN Health app--if it had been available--would have permitted and facilitated electronic signatures and document sharing from the very beginning. This, in turn, would have saved those several critical hours that then would have allowed the entire family to be at the children’s hospital together.

How ModRN Health Helps Employee Health Engagement

How ModRN Health Helps Employee Health Engagement

ModRN Health is good for employers because it gives employees something that they don’t currently have. The biggest thing we found with employees that we didn’t know was such an issue, is they simply don’t know what they don’t know. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a nurse but I know that often times employees don’t know what is available to them. The gaps that we have identified- that have existed, and doctors and nurses have known about them, they exist for I’d say the majority of employees. They simply do not know what options are out there. Those are the gaps that we look to fill.

These three healthcare trends might surprise you

At ModRN Health, we are carefully watching the trends in health care. We know you are, too! Whether you’re a healthcare consumer, business owner, caregiver, or all of the above, today’s healthcare environment is impacting your life. Managing expenses and getting better outcomes are top of mind.

If you feel like the changes in the healthcare marketplace are accelerating, you are right. But you might be surprised at just how much things are changing. Here are three trends that paint the picture.

1. Social media has changed the landscape in every area of our lives, including healthcare.

According to PwC’s Research Institute, 32% of people who use social media are posting about their own health experiences as well as those of their family and friends. People are consuming more and more health-related information online. Sometimes more information is a good thing, but that’s not always the case, especially with health topics. In addition to technology, people need the “human touch” of a qualified medical professional to sort through their own health information as well as make sense of what they’re reading online.

2. Prescription antibiotics are frequently over-prescribed because people don’t have access to the help and information they need.

The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that at least 30% of prescriptions for antibiotics are unnecessary. Busy patients and health providers frequently don’t have the time to fully discuss symptoms and options for common ailments such as colds and sore throat viruses for which antibiotics are unnecessary and unhelpful. The CDC reports that these 47 million excess prescriptions each year put patients at risk for allergic reactions and other side effects, not to mention the extra costs for everyone involved. With better care coordination and streamlined patient advocacy, many of these prescriptions could be avoided.

3. It’s really hard to remember everything the doctor says.

Many patients feel like they are alone in their struggle to recall the details of appointments with healthcare providers. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Most people can’t remember key details after a visit to a provider, including how to take medication as prescribed and when to schedule follow up visits. According to a study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, patients tend to immediately forget 40 - 80% of the information relayed during a visit. And, more than half of the information that is remembered is likely incorrect. Technology-backed care coordination and patient advocacy can help reinforce important information, which in turn keeps people healthier and makes healthcare less expensive.

If any or all of these trends sound familiar, keep in touch with ModRN Health! Our nurse-led healthcare coordination software solution helps employers, senior living centers, and providers deliver better care to your people and save you money.

Passion for patients led us here

What drives our mission? Why do we do what we do at ModRN Health?

My name is CaRessa Hutchinson. I'm CEO and founder of ModRN Health. I call myself an "accidental RN-preneur" who is disrupting health care. Here's the story behind my passion.

As a pediatric acute care RN, I saw families making major, life-altering decisions without the proper education and support to understand the weight of their decisions.

Overworked nurses could no longer focus on patient advocacy, and over-loaded physicians were being forced to make decisions based on assumptions, inaccurate information, insurance, and bureaucracy; not based on people, as they had once dreamed of doing when they committed their lives to becoming healers.

It started to feel like I was watching one very large and very dangerous game of telephone, but with real lives depending on the results.

It was taking a heavy toll on my soul to continue to feel so helpless and, honestly, often like I was on the wrong side. Frustrated and seeing no change in sight, I decided that I had to be that change or it may never happen.

I saw the problem and also saw what I believed to be a "common sense" solution, so I created ModRN Health to find a way to implement that solution.

Unfortunately, I found that the everyday patient, to whom I was so empathetic, could not afford a private nurse advocate. So I researched and researched (and researched some more), population health, healthcare technology, the healthcare industry, the insurance industry, and the corporate healthcare industry.

I met with several of industry leaders in my community and nationwide. What I found first of all was that I was not the only one who felt completely helpless. Secondly, I found that the crisis I had witnessed from the hospital bedside--the crisis that had originally ignited my passion and drive to help these patients--actually went much deeper than I thought.

After gathering a thorough picture of how big the problem actually was and how many people and industries it was negatively affecting, I realized that my idea and my concept for a solution still held the answer.

My solution would simply need to be applied at the root of the problem, which was the whole system, not at "the tip of the iceberg" with direct patient care where I had originally thought the crisis was isolated.

In some ways, this discovery made the opportunity even better, because I would be able to help at a much larger scale in my community, my country and maybe even the world!

So, I pivoted and shifted my focus. I experienced a rough but rewarding year full of customer discovery, self discovery, product development, and business development that has transpired into creating an answer that will ultimately lead to a win-win solution for all industries and all people.

We don't have to feel powerless anymore. There is a better way, and we have found it.