Jim Cook

Jim Cook is an investor in ModRN Health and serves as Principal for ModRN Health, with a focus on Business Development and Operations.

Jim is a career Healthcare Information Technology Executive/Entreprenuer, operating and selling several startups over the last 20 years. The most recent was Browsersoft Software, which developed a healthcare interoperability engine to power the exchange of medical records. This platform was delivered to a variety of healthcare organizations throughout the United States, Europe and Australia. Jim coordinated the European based development team and US based implementation teams. In 2014 Jim coordinated the sale of Browsersoft to a large Population Health vendor for 10 times revenue, then transitioned the company to the acquiring organization.

A message from Jim

I joined ModRN Health as an investor and Principal after experiencing the vision of CaRessa Hutchinson and ModRN Health. Her desire to change the way care coordination is delivered, with the superior technology she developed has been inspirational.