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Improve your ROI

Adding ModRN Health to the mix improves your return on investment.

ModRN Health's solution delivers valuable health-related insights and strategies to employers so companies can:

- Easily identify patterns and problem areas.

- Round out benefits packages by giving employees direct access to a dedicated medical resource that empowers them to be the best possible consumers of healthcare.

- Demonstrate to employees that they are valued as individuals, which boosts loyalty, retention, and employer brand.

- Reduce employee absenteeism, disengagement, and overall turnover.

- Take advantage of ModRN Health's employee-centric approach to engage, empathize, educate, empower, and enhance the employee experience with healthcare plans and wellness programs.


Enhance your human capital strategy

ModRN Health enhances your human capital strategy without disrupting or displacing your programs that are in place and working well.

ModRN Health offers a unique "corporate membership program" through our platform and mobile app to provide the tools and support your employees need not only to become the healthiest version of themselves but also to be smart consumers of health care. We offer every employee a true healthcare partner who meets them where they are and stays with them throughout their lifelong health journey.

When you partner with ModRN Health, you are providing your employees with a trusted care resource and advocate. Through the mobile-friendly app, each employee has access to an expert to help navigate the complexity of the healthcare system, understand options, and make informed decisions.

Together we can reduce your company's insurance costs, support happier and healthier employees, improve attendance, boost employee morale, and improve your bottom line.

Are your health plans and wellness programs delivering as much value as you'd hoped?

Probably not, according to the research.

  • Only 24% of employees report that they participate in wellness programs offered by their employers. 
  • Just 12% of employees strongly agree that their employer has supported a substantially higher overall well-being.
  • An estimated 90% of employee healthcare costs are generated by 10% of a company's employee population.
  • As much as 75% of employer-paid health costs are wasted because employees can't navigate the healthcare system to get what they need, efficiently.
  • Employee absenteeism is reported to cost U.S. employers an average of $3,000 per year per employee. 

Better tools 

With just a little digging into the data, most employers discover that many extra costs and economic losses are triggered because employees need better tools to become savvy healthcare consumers and better utilize the company's health benefits plans.