CaRessa Hutchinson, RN

CaRessa Hutchinson is a founder and serves as CEO of ModRN Health.

CaRessa is a registered nurse who dedicated her practice at Via Christi Health to pediatrics, epilepsy monitoring, pediatric and neonatal ICU care, postpartum and high risk pregnancy, and the burn center. CaRessa is experienced as a Level II RN, charge nurse, and preceptor. She served as a member of the Nursing Peer Review Board and as a member of the National Nurses Association.

CaRessa is also experienced in other key areas that help drive patient care, including medical coding, transcription, assisting cardiologists, coordinating care for patients, maintaining patient satisfaction, teaching patients, facilitating pre-certifications and insurance billing, collecting health information coordinating care, and advocating for her patients.

CaRessa's dedication to the patient experience runs deep. A doctor she worked with once remarked "CaRessa, what else are you going to do? Go out and change the tires on their car for them?" CaRessa smiled and replied, "If they need me to!" We all have our passions. CaRessa's passion has always been empathizing loving people, right where they are.

A message from CaRessa

If we leave out the humanity aspect in healthcare technology, we will develop an expensive, shiny new version of the treadmill sitting in the corner, collecting dust. Genuine value comes from meeting people where they are and treating each one as a person, not a protocol.

I believe that patient-centered, connected health care leads to improved patient experience, better health outcomes and decreased healthcare costs.

I believe this because as a nurse working in a variety of care settings over the years, I personally witnessed how health outcomes and care costs were directly tied to the patients' level of access to education, resources, and support, as well as the presence of a care plan customized for the individual. If these resources were lacking, I saw the result: unnecessary admissions, preventable, costly readmissions and procedures, duplicate testing, and non-compliance, which all added up to non-engaged, overwhelmed patients and caregivers, as well as patients regularly "falling through the cracks." All of this leads to less than optimal health outcomes and unnecessary spending.

Because I believe this so strongly, I founded ModRN Health, where we offer care coordination, healthcare navigation and patient advocacy services via our ModRN Health platform and mobile app coupled with a dedicated healthcare partner for each of person on the platform. We offer these services to employers who want to give employees a unique perk that truly adds value and peace of mind. In addition, we partner with facilities and communities to provide care management programs and transitional care services.

ModRN Health is different from other healthcare platforms and apps. We were founded by a physician/nurse team out of a passion and desire to empower patients and caregivers by adding an extra layer of support to the current healthcare process. Our unique front-line industry perspective ensures that our solution is relevant and focuses on the real problems we've seen first hand with an additional focus on preventative instead of reactive interventions. Also, ModRN Health is in no way affiliated with any insurance providers. Lastly, we know how important it is to promote relationship-building so all of the people on our platform have a dedicated nurse-led team that stays with them throughout the duration of their membership.