Does Anyone Really Understand Their Hospital Bill?

by Jul, 2021Customer Testimonial

We had to take my daughter to the hospital for a severe ear infection and ended up staying overnight.

A few weeks later we received the bill from the hospital but the charges seemed extremely high. There were codes and descriptions of services – many we did not understand – but the bill added up to over $13,000.

Our family is on a very high deductible health plan – which means we get to pay almost all of this bill out of our pocket. After several conversations with the hospital billing staff trying to explain all the charges and any other possible options, they told me I had to pay the bill but could fill out a financial assistance form that would put me on a payment plan. Ugh.

I had heard of ModRN Health through friends and colleagues and reached out to them. Even though I was not a member, they reviewed the hospital bill and provided an analysis of the charges. ModRN indicated charges should have been in the range of $2800-$3000 and contacted the hospital billing department to see if they would negotiate the bill. The billing department said ‘they don’t negotiate’. ModRN Health suggested I get an attorney, but I did not know any. ModRN provided me a recommended attorney and I contacted them. The attorney thought I had a good case and indicated their fees would be a flat $1500 + 10% of savings off the bill.

My new attorney used the ModRN Health analysis, contacted the hospital and filed an official letter with the hospital. A couple weeks later, I get an email from my new attorney stating that the hospital is now indicating my balance bill is $0.

Lessons Learned

1. As a financial advisor, I knew there was variance in costs, but I knew something had to be off with our hospital bill. Pro tip: Make sure you get the costs up front and understand if there are any ‘out of network’ providers. Get this locked down ahead of time.


2. We knew that you should typically only go to the ER for stroke or heart attack symptoms, but when your kid is in extreme pain and you just want to fix it for them and not sure where to go, you end up in the ER.

3. Most importantly, have an expert like ModRN Health help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. As humans, we typically don’t make our best decisions under emotional distress and certainly with things like healthcare we don’t deal with frequently or fully understand. Being able to contact ModRN and have them respond so quickly to assist can save you a lot of stress and help avoid a potentially large medical bill.

Cole R, Financial Advisor